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TECLIS Scientific

TECLIIS SCIENTIFIC is the pioneer and world leader for physical chemistry analysis for surfaces and interfaces since 1991 to characterise foams and emulsions. R&D is oriented regarding the following topics: foam study in 3D and 2D, focus on cell size analysis distribution and number of neighbours and thin film balance.




Advancing your Surface Science.  As specialists in interfacial chemistry and the world's leading supplier of measuring instruments for surface and interfacial tension, we not only provide high quality product solutions - our offer is a combination of technology and scientific consulting.  Acting quickly and flexibly, we are always at our customer's doorstep all over the world.



Novadep Scientific SL

In Novadep we design, develop and build customised systems for technological and scientific innovatice applications.  We are expert in in-situ foam characterisation and X-ray imaging techniques including microtomography and radioscopy.


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    29 February 2016
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    17 May 2016
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    27 June 2016